In 2012, I-MAK participated in and/or presented at:

Public Health-Oriented Management of Intellectual Property Rights, International AIDS Conference: Overcoming Barriers to Access for Second Line ARV Drugs, 24 July 2012

Columbia Univeristy's 9th African Economic Forum, Roots: The Rebirth of African Traditional Medicine for Global Endorsement, Columbia University, 14 April 2012

RebLaw 2012, Fighting the Monopoly on Medicine: Intellectual Property Rights, the TRIPS Agreement and the Novartis Case, Yale University, 18 February 2012


In 2011, I-MAK participated in and/or presented at:


Open Society Foundation Public Health Program Seminar Series, Civil Society Strategy Meeting on the Future of Access to Medicines, Bangkok, 13-15 December 2011

The Patent Landscape and Access Issues for TMC207: A Case Study, 42nd Union World Conference on Lung Health, Lille, 26-30 October 2011

A Consultation between Representatives from the Global South (ITPC/I-MAK/Lawyers Collective/Regional Representatives) and the Medicines Patent Pool/UNITAID, Geneva, 2 October 2011 [presentation][analysis]

Access to Medicines, Patent Information and Freedom to Operate, A Joint Technical Symposium by WHO, WIPO and WTO, Geneva, 18 February 2011

Patents and Access to Medicines, Global Health Emergencies Course, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical College, February 17-18, 2011, at the New York Academy of Medicine


In 2010, I-MAK participated in and/or presented at:


Challenging TRIPS: The Role of Patent Oppositions, TRIPS@10 Looking Back, Looking Forward, The Earth Institute, Columbia University, 16-18 November

Using the Law as an Agent to Improve Public Health, Harvard Law School Advocates for Human Rights, the Harvard Law and Health Care Society and the Harvard University chapter of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines Workshop, 10 November

Making Patents Work for Pat(i)ents, Transform 2010 - Thinking Differently About Healthcare, Mayo Clinic, 12-14 September 2010

Intellectual Property and Access to ARVs, Challenges and Opportunities for Continued Scale-Up of ART, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Goa, India, 15-16 July 2010 [pdf]

Trading Away Lives: Empowering Communities to Increase Access to Medicines, Spotlight on the Millennials, King Baudouin Foundation, Brussels, Belgium, 24 June, 2010

Public Interest Analysis of the International Intellectual Property Enforcement Agenda, American University Washington College of Law, Washington DC, 16-18 June, 2010


In 2009, I-MAK participated in and/or presented at:


The Changing Face of Leadership: Crisis and Opportunity, 2009 Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 20-22 November, 2009

Echoing Green Conference, Bethesda, 19-22 November 2009, Potomac, Maryland

The Future Beckons, TED India, 3-7 November 2009, Mysore, India

Enough is Enough!: Ceilings on Intellectual Property Rights Workshop, NYU School of Law, 1-2 May 2009

Harvard Global Health Day, The Harvard College International Relations Council, The Harvard College Global Health and AIDS Coalition and the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine - Harvard Medical School,  8 April 2009

Asia 21 Young Leaders Forum, Manila, Philippines, 29th March-April 1 2009


In 2008, I-MAK participated in and/or presented at:


Global Health and Access to Medicines, Internal Medicine Local/Global Health Session on Health Disparities, UCSF Department of Internal Medicine, 19 December 2008

Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines, Seminar, Boston University School of Public Health, BU Medical Center, 4 December 2008

Consultation on Ensuring Equity in Access to ART for Marginalized Groups Living with HIV, Indian Network for People Living with HIV, New Delhi, 26 November 2008

Consultation on Developing an Advocacy Strategy for Injecting Drug Users Living with HIV, 'The Way Forward', Indian Network for People Living with HIV, New Delhi, 25 November 2008

Panel on IP and Access to Medicines, Yale University, 24 November 2008 [pdf]

Echoing Green All Fellows Retreat, Philadelphia, 20-23 November 2008

Examination of Pharmaceutical Patents: Arguing from a Pro-Public Health Perspective, Associacao Brasileira Interdisciplinar de AIDS (ABIA), Rio de Janeiro, 18 November 2008 [pdf]

Asia Society's Third Annual Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit, Tokyo, Japan, 14-16 November 2008

Patents, India & Patients in the Global South, Action Against AIDS Germany, Annual General Meeting, Bonn, Germany, 7  November 2008

Intellectual Property and Public Health Roundtable, Brooklyn Law School, New York, 3 November 2008

Pop!Tech Annual Conference, Camden, Maine,  22-26 October 2008

Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellows Program, Camden, Maine, 18-22 October 2008

Transparency in the Patent System: Meeting Patent Information Needs of Developing Countries, UNDP-WHO-EPO Technical Consultation, New York, 21-22 October 2008

Global Governance of HIV/AIDS: Intellectual Property and Access to Essential Medicines, Institute of Medicine, Law and Bioethics (Liverpool University) and United Nations University (Tokyo), University of Liverpool, UK, 8 October 2008 [pdf]

Clinton Global Initiative Exchange, New York, 23 September 2008

Prices, Patents and Policies: Access to Priority Medicines for Mexico, National Institute of Public Health, Mexico City, 31 July 2008 [pdf]

Echoing Green Conference, North Carolina, 23-27 July 2008

World Health Assembly, WHO, May 2008

Impacts of the Global Patent Regime on Medicine in India, (The South Asian Public Health Forum for Action and the Global Health Forum), Columbia University, 9 April 2008

Symposium on Public Policy Patent Landscaping in the Life Sciences, WIPO, Geneva, 6-8 April 2008

Green Chemistry and Production of Essential Medicines in Developing Countries, Howard University and the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Abuja, 18-20 March 2008 [pdf]


In 2007, I-MAK participated in and/or presented at:


A Brighter Future: The Global Patent and Access Situation, Columbia World Aids Week, Columbia University, 3 December 2007

World Health Assembly, WHO, May 2007

Enabling Innovation for Global Health, Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy, Duke University, May 2007 [pdf]

Access to Knowledge, Patent Quality Panel, Yale University, April 2007 [pdf]

Roundtable on Global Pharmaceutical Regulation 2007: Tackling Regional Priorities, Florida State University School of Law, April 2007

"Intellectual Property Post Graduate Teaching and Research Activities - Building an Interdisciplinary and Diverse Network", Rio De Janeiro, March 2007

Latin-American patent offices: a comparative study of practices and procedures, MINDS, Rio De Janeiro, March 2007,

Regional Workshop on Access to Medicines, Philippines, March 2007 [pdf][pdf]

Promoting Transparency and Accountability in the Procurement and Distribution of Medicines, DfID, London, March 2007

Feasibility of Introducing Second-Line ART in the Indian National Treatment Programme, Indian Network for People Living with HIV (INP+), Delhi, March 2007 [pdf]

Global Public Health and Patents, International Center for Health Outcomes and Innovation Research, Columbia University, March 2007

Strategy Meeting On Pharmaceutical Industry Transparency and Monitoring, Essential Action, Washington DC, February 2007

Hearing at the European Parliament, January 2007 [pdf]


In 2006, I-MAK participated in and/or presented at many fora. Here are some highlights:


Global Intellectual Property Developments Impacting Pharmaceutical Products, Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Howard University, World AIDS Day, December 2006

Workshop on Pre-grant/Post-Grant Patent Representations against Pharmaceutical Patents, MSF/I-MAK, India, [pdf]pdfpdf]pdf]

Policy Panel Discussion on Data Exclusivity and Public Health, Ministry of Health/World Health Organisation, Delhi, July 2006

Asean Workshop on Compulsory Licensing to Increase Access to Antiretrovirals and Diagnostic Reagents, WHO/USAID, Malaysia, May 2006 [pdf][pdf][pdf][pdf]

-Regional Meeting on Regional Production of Oseltamivir, World Health Organisation, Delhi, March 2006

Workshop: A Study on the Use of International Nonproprietary Names in India, CENTAD/World Health Organisation, Delhi, March 2006