Patent Databases

Identifying and analysing the relevant patents for a medicine can be a difficult and time consuming exercise. Without the correct information, advocacy and procurement decisions can be ineffective.

Whereas previously we have provided patent landscapes in report format here, such information is easier to access and disseminate when in electronic form.

Accordingly we have now created the website to host some of our earlier patent landscapes on essential medicines and ones we are currently working on in a searchable database format.

Where possible, we intend to update the information provided every 6 months. While we strive to make the landscapes as comprehensive as possible, very often they will be limited to certain countries. This is usually the result of the specific requests we have received or where information is readily available.




Tuberculosis Patent Landscapes  -  Bedaquiline (TMC 207), Delamanid (OPC 67683), SQ-109, AZD 5847, PNU-100480 and PA 824


Hepatitis C - Data from Patent Landscape Report for Pegylated Interferon Alfa 2A & 2B


HIV Drug Patents in China