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I-MAK Wins: Gilead Loses Appeal on Sofosbuvir Patent in China

In late March, the China patent office’s re-examination board upheld June 2015 rejection of a critical sofosbuvir patent, denying Gilead’s appeal on I-MAK’s winning case. The patent office ruled that the sofosbuvir prodrug did not deserve a patent under the law. This comes as I-MAK just filed a new legal challenge against the sofosbuvir base compound in China on April 19th, 2017. Freeing sofosbuvir of its unmerited patents in the country would open the door to affordable generic treatment for millions, potentially saving $59 billion – or over half of China’s annual spending on prescription drugs. If successful, this would unlock the market for affordable treatment around the world by creating new opportunities for Chinese suppliers to export both active drug ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage product to the rest of the world, benefitting 80 million people worldwide in need of treatment.

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Building on 2015 rejection of Gilead's patent application for hepatitis C, legal challenge to Gilead's remaining patent in China that blocks hep C treatment for up to 13 million people

In a move that could strike down barriers to treatment for the exploding hepatitis C epidemic that kills 700,000 people every year, attorneys and scientists from the Initiative for Medicines, Access & Knowledge (I-MAK) filed a legal challenge against Gilead’s (NASDAQ:GILD) remaining patent for the hepatitis C medicine sofosbuvir in China. Branded as Sovaldi®, this patent covers the sofosbuvir base compound and is founded on previously published techniques, and does not meet the legal criteria for a patent. This new filing follows another legal challenge filed by I-MAK in 2015, which helped result in a rejection in June 2015 by China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) on the other critical patent application on sofosbuvir.

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Flawed patents on hepatitis C drugs latest to be challenged in global push for access

Five new challenges against patents on crucial new medicines to treat hepatitis C filed in India and Argentina are the latest in a global push to ensure access to affordable treatment. The patent challenges could remove barriers to production and distribution of affordable generic versions of direct-acting antiviral (DAA) medicines, including sofosbuvir, daclatasvir and velpatasvir.

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