Board Of Directors


Reena Abraham is a finance non-profit expert focusing on organizational systems and growth. She currently serves as the Vice President of Education Programs at Local Initiatives Support Corporation, a national community development financial intermediary.  In this role, she manages a growing charter school facilities portfolio. She raises capital and grants from foundations, banks and public resources to facilitate financing for charter schools. She also works to nurture sector maturation by sharing loan performance data, bond performance data and by disseminating research on charter school facilities financing options. Ms. Abraham spent the majority of her finance career with Prudential Financial, structuring non-traditional social investments, including those for charter schools, and serving as a researcher in Prudential Securities Equity Research Department. She also worked for the KIPP Foundation, first as part of its national Real Estate Group and then as Financial Manager for TEAM Academy Charter School. Ms. Abraham was selected to be a Broad Resident in Urban Education, serving as a summer resident with the San Francisco Unified School District. Recently, she was selected as a 2015 Council of Urban Professionals Fellow. Ms. Abraham holds an M.B.A. from New York University.


Lara Galinsky is serving as the Entrepreneur in Residence at The Future Project, a national dream and do-lab to empower the next generation to build a powerful positive future, one dream at a time. Lara is also a philanthropic advisor for McCourt, LP. Previously and for over a decade, Lara served as an entrepreneurial leader at Echoing Green, a groundbreaking nonprofit with the mission to unleash next generation talent to solve the world’s biggest problems, Lara championed promising social entrepreneurs launch groundbreaking organizations around the world. As a co-leader of Echoing Green, Lara judged, selected, and supported nearly 250 Echoing Green Fellows and social entrepreneurs. She is the co-author of two books that have become cornerstones of Echoing Green’s work: Work on Purpose (2011) and Be Bold: Create a Career with Impact (2007). Lara is the founding co-chair of the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Wesleyan University and advisory member for The Resolution Project. She received her Master’s in Communications with honors from Columbia University and her Bachelors from Wesleyan University. She is a graduate of the Institute for Not-for-Profit Management Leadership Development Program at Columbia University, the Public Policy Institute at Georgetown, and was participated inCORO Leadership New York.


 Monica Mehta is an expert in drugs to treat infectious diseases.  She works as a clinical pharmacist in Infectious Diseases at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center. She also serves as Vice President of Public Policy for New York Society of Health-system Pharmacists (NYSCHP).  She is the 2015 recipient of the NYSCHP Pharmacist of the Year award. She obtained her BS in pharmacy from The University of Houston, PharmD from The University of Texas at Austin, and Masters in Public Health at Columbia University. Academic and research interests include healthcare quality and access, health care reform, social and population determinants of health, pharmacoeconomics, HIV management, influenza prevention and management, pharmacokinetic/dynamic dosing of antimicrobials, implications of beta-lactam allergies, as well as management of MRSA infections. In 2010, she created a documentary about healthcare in Sierra Leone called “Batiloh’s Plan.”  Monica is interested merging science and art, story telling and healthcare, on both local and global fronts.


Renu Saini is a Program Officer for the Helmsley Charitable Trust’s Conservation Program. In this role, she develops and implements grant making strategies in Madagascar and Galápagos, two of the program’s geographic focal areas, focusing on the maintenance and expansion of marine and terrestrial protected areas; sustainable fisheries, alternative livelihoods; invasive species; and capacity building. She also contributes to program-wide strategic planning, monitoring, and evaluation. Before joining the Trust, Ms. Saini spent nine years at the Kohlberg Foundation, where her grant-making portfolio included initiatives in environmental conservation, cancer research, human trafficking prevention, and supports for at-risk youth. In prior roles, she developed a philanthropic program for a family foundation based in Mumbai, India, and supported the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s field biology program in New Jersey. Originally from Texas, Renu holds a master’s degree in Global Affairs from Rutgers University and bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University.


David Watson is a music producer and computer scientist. In 2007, he co-founded The Zoo, a music incubator located in Oakland, CA, where he is an actively involved music producer. Prior to that, he worked for Google, Inc as a Staff Software Engineer. David holds a B.S. in Creative Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Along with Vinitha Menon, Mr. Watson was a seed funder of I-MAK and supported the organization through the start-up and establishment phases. He provided guidance on I-MAK’s patent informatics platforms, focusing on optimizing their efficiency as user-friendly databases. He also guided I-MAK’s business design and contributed tremendously to organizational growth.


Priti Krishtel is a Co-Founder of I-MAK and Director of Treatment Access. 

Tahir Amin is a Co-Founder of I-MAK and Director of Intellectual Property.